Re: Laser as Reactionless Propulsion
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 02:08:25 EDT

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> A device that could controllably convert minuscule amounts of matter to
> energy in a harnessable fashion, would be the end-all be-all of power
> generation, again barring extra-dimensional power sources.

thats the second time ive noticed the phrase "extra-dimensional power sources" being used, and i couldnt think of anything (ok, my ignorance is showing; ill tuck it back in my pants) thats even been conceptualized that really fit that description. so, i stared into my navel like any good terry pratchet philosopher, and came up with the following:

//assumption one: stable wormhole tech exists.
//assumption two: the wormhole can be moved along with earths 
//movement, so as to stay relativly in one place on the earth surface

	______________	f
	|				======   	e
	|				|			||		
a: wormhole entrance
d	|				|			||		
b: wormhole exit
	|				|			\/		
c: turbine
	|				|					
d: some kind of tube wall...
	|=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=|  c					e: force of 
gravity pulling water down
	|				|					
f: water input valve
	|_____________	|


anyway, i think ya probably get my halfassed idea. water is sprayed into a tube, where it falls thru a turbine and then thru a wormhole, from which it appears directly above the turbine again, and again, and again... if the wormhole is stable and is emitted somehow from something in a strong gravitional field, might this work?

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