Re: Gender importance (was Future Relationships)

Scott Badger (
Thu, 22 Apr 1999 22:41:07 -0500

Turning this thread back toward an Extropian theme:

We have always been and still are quite alone . . . islands, our minds trapped inside our bony skulls. One could argue that intra-species communication was so powerfully adaptive that our brains just kept getting larger and larger in order that we might form abstract language and more effectively communicate with each other. Still, our ability to communicate effectively remains very limited. It's one reason that relationships are so hard. But it seems our greatest joys are linked with our most intimate moments, those moments when we are most connected. Those moments often occur when we are making love. Because it is so physically intimate, we chose this act to symbolize our deep desire to mentally *connect* with another.

Technology will soon (relatively) provide us with the means to achieve
*real* communication. Innumerable science fiction stories have dealt with
this idea, of course. I assume it will either come in the form of tech-enhanced mental telepathy or perhaps uploads will simply merge selected portions of their data files. Imagine directly experiencing your own enhanced physical orgasm. . .and then directly experiencing your partner's orgasm. Wheee!

On a non-sexual level, imagine Extropians deciding that an e-mail based list is way too tedious. Let's just form a colony-mind, contributing whatever portion of our individual psyches we choose to. How powerful would that be? How addictive would that be? Can our species avoid eventually turning into some Borg-variant . . . some global mind?

Just wondering.