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Thu, 22 Apr 1999 20:06:54 EDT

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> Anyone got good ideas on Pointless Passtimes for Omega Points, or
> what an ultimately transcendent entity does when he/she feels like a
> nice cup of tea?

i think i just might create a simulated biosphere populated with a couple of selfaware bipedal creatures adapted to exist perfectly in it, and set up a tree they werent supposed to eat from in there, and then have a snake come up to one of them and convince her to eat from the tree, and pass it on to her mate... then id get all pissed at them, and tell them how bad they were, and kick em outa the biosphere that was so perfect for em, and make life suck for em (childbirth would become painful, and plants would be hard to grow, etc...).

id sit back and watch as they reproduced and grew, and i would demand that they and all their offspring worship me, and call me holy, and most high, and all kindsa other meaningless shit. when their numbers swelled, and they started getting slightly technologically advanced, id make a big flood and wipe out everybody but a few faithful brown-nosers in a boat...

then id wait a while, and pick one guy to demonstrate his dedication to me by trying to kill his son, then id use this lunatic as the father of my chosen people. id lead this chosen people on brutal rampages thru the lands of all the peoples who refused to worship me... or who never heard of me, cuz i never bothered to tell them.

then id do nothing for a while, and wait for my chosen people to forget about me (i programed them with short memories), then id cause some horrible tragidy to happen to them, and then they would kowtow to me for a while longer; at least till they forgot again...

this cycle i would allow for some time, untill finally after a while, i would split my chosen people apart, and scatter them to the ends of the little biosphere in my head... then i would leave them to suffer and wonder why i was ignoring them for 400 years or so, then finally id go down to that little biosphere myself, and immerse myself within it.

then id pick 12 special followers, and id go around spouting meaningless feel-good snippets of silly first degree attempted wisdom (have faith like a mustard seed! blessed are those who dont ask for evidance, thomas; etc...) and perform a few minor "miracles" (just change some code a bit) and have lotsa the little creatures worship me again. then, because i was tired of the little bipeds miserable existance, id stage a heroic "death", and reinstate my consciousness fully in myself again.

then id sit back and watch the sane people battle my chosen people for a few thousand years, at which point id reassume my old inside-the-simulation form, and go back inside, and transport the few truly wacked people who still believed i existed after few-thousand-odd subjective years of silence to an eternal pleasure state, and condemn the rest to an eternal suffering-state. i would call this "justice".

i would call myself "yhwh".

"when in doubt, fuck it. when not in doubt, get in doubt" -- principia discordia