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Gina Miller (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 20:46:38 PDT

Scott You wrote:
>Gina, I think you're confusing gender with sexual preference. I'm
not referring to one's sexual orientation. I'm referring to your self-concept in terms of sexual identity. I once treated a man who wanted a sex change but fully intended on being a lesbian after the operation. He was a lesbian trapped in a man's body! I started thinking...hmmm, how do I know _I'm_ not a lesbian trapped in a man's body? I mean, _I_ like women! The difference, of course, was that he felt like a woman inside, not a man.

Yes I understand that, and what I'm talking abou itsn't sexual orientation, but I did refer to sexual orientation to justify that with future technology, there may be alot of differences in sexual identity. You see if one can become something else, sexually, they will, there will be a diversity just as there is in todays natural world. You see what I'm saying? [See the lower comments for further explaination.]

Scott wrote:
>>I like the idea of having control over exploring what it would feel
like to be a woman. VR may be the easiest way to eventually experience this. But who would I date if I still felt like a man inside of female body? No, we'd have to fix it so I actually felt like a woman inside. It's odd to think

I respond:
You could date a woman thats curious as to what it's like being a man.
Although, I was thinking that thing's would be more interchangable, than "okay I want to be a man," so I have to change everything and then what do I do? I'd just revert back, or play around until I found something I liked. Although in the real world, I like being me! Okay, here it is:
I keep thinking back to some selections in Drexler's books where he states in the nanotech future kids could go to the store and buy these "nano toy packets" where a kid could just buy one and become molecular manipulated into a monster or a clown or a big huge ugly monster for a day, but this mutation doesn't stay forever. In fact wear's off in a 12-24 hour or other predicted time. I am thinking on this sort of line with the alteration's sexually also.We adults could have the same type of "toys" available to us, but with different applications. (the kind you use when the kids are in bed, and so are you)

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