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Gina Miller (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 19:16:53 PDT

I think issues of a sexual nature will come into play with technology advances. I expect that with life extention, and physical alteration's on the molecular level, left wing alternative groups intrested in the sexual freedoms and boundries of their bodies will rise up and cauze debate/controversy. Thus forcing society to except or reject these new idea's.

In the future (of course I'm almost alway's coming from the viewpoint involving nanotechnology) when automated manufacturing and fabrication is in full swing, entertainment and hobby will be at a peak. The interesting things, due to the decline in the work force will become, fad's fashion and other sources of wildly dramatized shows. I imagine with more time on our hands a sexual revolution of sorts may arise.

And yes, personal research will keep me ahead of the game.(sheerly on a R&D basis of course!) Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

>We, as a culture, have hardly begun to explore the sexual
>possibilities of even conventional technologies. This is
>an area ripe for research. Other than a few chemicals and
>a few electrical gadgets and a few operations, there's
>really not been much progress in the area in decades.
>Mostly that is because of cultural and legal biases
>against such technology. Indeed, Alabama tried to outlaw
>sex toys recently (the case is currently in court).
>Research into such things as MDMA is restricted.
>Worst of all, it's illegal to make a business out of
>providing sexual gratification in certain ways, so there's
>no strong free-market incentives for research.
>If you want to see more technology here, I think the
>best approach is fight the legal and cultural barriers.
>Ridicule the prudes, fight the despots, celebrate and
>exalt the hedonistic heroes.
>Then of course, there's personal research.
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