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Gina Miller (
Wed, 21 Apr 1999 12:16:37 PDT

Of course I am nano inflicted, and I in no way attempt to diffuse this. I have been giving a lot of thought to the applications of nanotechnology. I am most eager to aquire some time of brain enhancment as far as my intellect goes. But I also offer this contemplation up for question.
What of molecularly engineering your sexual response? Sexual climax multiplied by? Maybe pi?(okay, maybe infinity would be too much) I can't help imagining what a "nanorgasim" (copyright Gina Miller) could be programmed to feel like.
Let me clarify that in no way is nautures reserve of adrenalin prompted by orgasim unsufficient to me! However one could say the same about one's intellect and still hope to take the unbeated path of extending it.
How would one go about re-configuring these genes and could we at all make it possible to have them layer into other aspect's that the body sexually doesn't usually interact with.
I mean we've all heard of fetishes,(food, feet and other unmentionables) could these be incorperated into the experience via manipulation? What would you include and would you do it?

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