RE: Yes we have souls...(brain bits)

Jeff Davis (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 13:43:00 -0700

Recently, sensors have detected a widely distributed smile reflex highly correlated with emanations from Emlyn the Prolific, a newly discovered star in the Extropian Galaxy. Spectral analysis suggests that the stimulus may have taken the form:

>As I recall, the brain transfer looked like scooping the brain out with a spoon, and popping it in
>the other head like so much jelly - it didn't look too sophisticated. But they were wearing white
>lab coats, so it must be true.

Smile reflex accompanied by major waves of pleasantness punctuated by textbook guffaw. Thank you, Emlyn.

You asked:

>I am positive that I didn't just dream this up... has someone seen something similar?

You'll find the whole story in


The Quest of Hologramic Mind

second edition

by Paul Pietsch

to which I unfortunately do not have a link, but which can be easily found on the net, full-text.

My appreciation for your abundant and playful offerings also inspires the tiniest of cautionary notes: consider that tattered fragment of verse:

	"I'm burning my candle at both ends,

	It cannot last the night.

	Da dada da dada da dada da da (I forget this line)

	But oh, what a beautiful light!"

Which is to say, "Pace yourself, girl. Don't want to lose you to burnout."

Best, Jeff Davis

	   "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
					Ray Charles