The Love of Art Shall Save the Earth

Rak Razam (
Tue, 20 Apr 1999 18:27:07 +1000

>From: Jeffrey Fabijanic <> wrote>
>Subject: Re: Anders, so you like to play "Marvel Superhero's!"

>I can't believe that after lurking for months, *this* is the message that
>inspired me to send something

Coincidence strikes twice> me too. As you so correctly pointed out> our kulture's ART is the first wave of reality actualizing from the infinite quantum probability field, our memetic rudder to filter/translate across the canvas.

Or> superheroes inphected my reality browser at the same time I learnt language> they're the triggers for my phuture Archetype. They've been one of the most penetrating artforms of the 20th century marketplace because they are so disposable and archetypal, which means a lot of heads have been tweaked already to the idea. If we're all imagining/recreating ourselves its through the memes of our zeitgeist, and superheroes are like ideational bombs>the idea of them transforms the reality. And the IDEA of them is proto-Transhuman, it gives a broad genre framework with which to imagine in the rawest chunks of pure inphomation, to push the kulture's understanding of postumanism. The details can always be concretized later when the teknology has caught up, which is almost the point we're at.

>It is interesting to note that many of the people with whom I played
>supe-rpgs in college are now involved in creating *real-world* super-powers
>for humans (usually, however, in the form of improved tools/processes
>through advanced engineering). I myself, seem to have been subliminally
>most influenced by Star Trek, as I now make part of my living (such as it
>is) designing and building tricorder-like devices (aka mobile CCS
>but they are great symbols for self-improvement.

Yep. The Love of Art Shall Save the Earth!

Tonka Toy Tuff,

xxx Rak the Changing Man