Re: Mars NOW!

Brian D Williams (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 10:47:11 -0700 (PDT)

From: "Michael S. Lorrey" <>

>The first step to preparing people for colonizing Mars should be
>setting up a training camp dedicated to the purpose in Antarctica.

>My cousin, who just returned from there a month or so ago, tells
>me that he's now qualified to apply for the Mars mission team NASA
>is exploring putting together. All he needs is the actual
>astronaut training. As a geologist specializing in ice age
>hydrogeology, he's a primary candidate for exploring the Mars
>polar caps and figuring out the best way to melt them down...

Cool...... Kim Stanley Robinson spent I believe a year in Antartica (visiting artist) after which he wrote his novel of the same name. He also used the year in Antartica as a trial for the crew in the Mar's trilogy.

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