RE: ethical problem? Some kind of problem, anyway...

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Mon, 19 Apr 1999 14:01:17 +1000

> > If people have read any Larry Niven, then they're probably as hesitant
>Larry Niven is a science fiction author*. Of what possible interest can
>be his opinion about head-freezing?
> > as I am about the corpsicle option.

I'm not talking about technical details of cryonics, that's whatever it is, and that's great.

Waking up is the problem. Under what circumstance would you be woken? What motivations would lead a society to bring you back? What will governments do with your corpsicle in the meantime?

I would really recommend reading "A world out of time" as a start (by LN), if you are considering cryonics. Just as a scary bedtime story, or because you like good SF, if nothing else.

But if you want to know the technical details of implementing cryonics, then try somebody else.