Re: memetic war

Lyle Burkhead (
Sun, 18 Apr 1999 20:10:44 -0700

I'm going to take the unusual step of replying to my own post, and disavowing it.

I have written some things in the last couple of days that I was not entirely serious about. They were trial balloons. There are some ideas that go through my mind from time to time. I wanted to see how they would look if they were written down and posted on the list. Now I know how they look. I'm not too happy with them.

Last night I wrote,
> I don't want to be a Power, but the situation leaves me no choice.

Well, of course it does. The other choice is to get on with my life. Nobody's going to nuke my lab. What balderdash.

> We are entering the age of memetic competition.
> What kind of meme can create a phenotype around itself
> that has the strength to survive and become immortal?
> An ism? A corporation? or some new kind of meme?

These questions are unreal. I can survive anyway. I don't need a meme. I don't need a Project. Making biotechnology into a meme attracts the wrong kind of attention and skews my judgment. Ever since I wrote that post, I have felt disoriented.

Biotechnology is moving right along. All I need to do is make sure I am in a position to use cell repair techniques as they become available, i.e. I need to have contacts in the field and enough money to pay for the procedures. That's not a big deal.