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i want to go on record as saying that the Matrix really, really sucked. I found that it was totally without any cinematic or cultural merit and I pretty much fell asleep in the middle of it...
thanks for listening...

Max More wrote:

> I've been too busy to read the list much lately but have glanced at some
> posts about The Matrix. Today, Natasha and I saw a movie that, while not
> having the flash, budget, or promotion of The Matrix, had more of an impact
> on me. The movie is October Sky, though it would have been better named
> Rocket Boys (the title of the book it was based on).
> I found October Sky highly extropic, as well as a well done piece of '50s
> Americana. The title comes from the profound effect on the life of a 17
> year old boy in a coal-mining town in 1957 of seeing Sputnik passing in the
> night sky. He decides that a life in the coal mines is not for him, and
> that he's going to build rockets. Many obstacles stand in the way, but
> courage, determination, persistence, intelligence, and the good will and
> cooperation of others win out. It's based on a true story (if that matters
> to you). It's only showing in a couple of places in Los Angeles so catch it
> soon, or look for it on video.
> No high tech special effects, no famous actors or director, no uploaded
> minds, but pretty damn extropic!
> Onward!
> Max
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