Soul - Prove/Disprove?

John Heritage (
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 08:07:44 -0400

I have a few questions :

1> Does anyone know of a way (ethical or unethical - I'm asking purely for knowledge) to "test" and "prove" whether or not

there is an existance of a soul that "attaches" to the human body somehow?

2> We've had transplants of all kinds of organs - but we've never had a brain transplant. If I were to detach my brain physically

from myself, and have it attached to something else that it can communicate with (either another body, a machine that reacts

to it like a body, etc etc) -- would I have the same conciousness/be the same person? (this one may not be obvious).

3> Final Question is I remember mentioning "uploading" of a person's brain as a topic in here -- I will be searching the archives for

this information later today (and I apologize for the redundancy of this message) -- could someone email me some URLs on

information discussed regarding this topic?. (uploading : ie: conversion of the brain cell-by-cell into something mechanical?).

Thanks alot,

John R Heritage, Jr

P.S. You can direct your replies to either my address or the list as you desire--Thanks.