The comedic genius of Lyle Burkhead!

john grigg (
Wed, 14 Apr 1999 06:01:53 PDT

Grey Gooies,

As much as I respect your desire for mastering new technologies to commit diabolically evil deeds, I must say that this plot to destroy the world with grey goo cannot be tolerated by me! For you see I am the greatest mind in the world, and so it is my rightful destiny to rule the world! And how can I be doing that if you turn to goo the entire universe??

Respectfully yours,

The Brain (of "Pinky and the Brain!")


I just want to say how hilariously funny I found your grey goo parody! You have a real gift for this type of thing. I think that humor even has a place on the Extropian list since so much discussed is very deep and technical, so people need something to occasionally lighten things. I wish that others could take in good humor your gentle pokes at things. I don't think that you mean any harm. I think that posthuman scholars centuries from now will include your parodies in their works to show the humanity of the time.

I liked Eleizer's idea of a list to reach out to the rich and powerful, even though I wonder how many of them would be interested. Most as far as I know do not even want to sign up for cryonic suspension!

The extropian song that Eleizer wrote while suffering sleep deprivation at a con was brilliant! I printed it up and put it in my scrapbook. If I make it to the Extro 4 I hope that a band can be put together to perform it! Or we can just put together an extropian choir out of the membership!

Well, keep up the good work Lyle! You should have a regular "column" here for the comedic talents. Give it time and you will get a Hasty Pudding award!


John Grigg

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