Re: Mars: Go now, or wait?

Spike Jones (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 20:10:54 -0700

WOW! Thanks! This is the most eloquent couple of short paragraphs I have read in some time. {8-] spike

> I liked Doug Jones' answer over in He is a "rocket
> plumber" for Rotary Rocket, so he lives as he speaks:
> Some of us prefer not to wait for Santa Claus... besides, the nanotech
> breakthrough is likely to be a singularity in human events, so I want
> ot cram as much "normal" living into the time before that as possible.
> Mind you, I read Engines of Creation when it first came out, had
> dinner with Drexler (that guy is just too damn bright), and came away
> convinced. But waiting for nanotech is like flipping to the back to
> get the answers to the crossword, it takes all the fun & effort out of
> it. Ya may as well become a beachbum and wait for somebody else to
> have all the pain & glory.

Well said, Doug.