Re: Gadget:Electrolysis Unit

Michael S. Lorrey (
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 08:59:35 -0400 wrote:

> his trailer is about 27 ft long...
> Would .2 Kw per sq meter be enough to make the energy equivalent of enough H2
> to run his cookstove, space heater and refrigorator?....might this be a
> commercially viable gadget?

it might be, but only if a major RV manufacturer cut a deal on it to buy x many systems a year. He is using his solar power to generate fuel for non-mobility systems, so he only uses the fuel on an intermittent basis. Refrigerators use very little fuel at all, if my propane refrigerator for my camp is any indication (it was originally an RV refer), and cookstoves don't use much more. The heater is what usually sucks up a lot of fuel, in cold weather, but little to none down in the southern US.