Re: Gadget:Electrolysis Unit
Mon, 12 Apr 1999 01:44:46 EDT

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> Thats barely enough power to run a geo metro electric car, you'd

> probably expend that much energy hauling the weight of the solar panels
> around. Converting to hydrogen/oxygen fuel and back in an IC engine will
> reduce your final output to less than 3 kW at best. I would say it would
> be better to depend on service station generated hydrogen if you want to
> go that route, or go with an electric semi.

no doubt about that...

I have a 500 hp engine...I beleive that's what...(750 watts per Hp X 500 = 375 kilowatt??)

I'm wondering if a fuel cell small enough to be mobile would put out that kind of power.? If so then all that's really needed is H2 fueling locations....