Re: Caffeine withdrawal advice (was Re: Is Medicine Healthy? addiction to stress)

Anders Sandberg (
09 Apr 1999 19:12:35 +0200 writes:

> Caffeine is a diuretic and leaves you dehydrated. Part of the withdrawal from
> caffeine (not all) comes just from the symptoms of dehydration. So if you
> go on a caffeine fast, drinks lots and lots of water.

Good advice.

> (Just to tweak the hunters of the Great White Nootropic, caffeine is one of
> the
> best nootropics known. :-)

While I agree in general, I wonder how to compare them - nicotine affects attention, caffeine wakefullness and alertness, cholinergic stuff memory, all have different effects. However, caffeine is remarkably non-toxic and easily accessible.

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