Re: Is Medicine Healthy? addiction to stress

Fri, 09 Apr 1999 11:12:36 +0200

It appears as if Anders Sandberg <> wrote:
|I have for a long time been waguely thinking about the need for calmer
|media. As an information addict I spend most of my waking hours in
|front of a computer, television or a book. And I have definitely
|noticed negative effects on my thinking when I get too much arousal
|into this mix (just a short break, I have to rush to my printer to get
|a 50 page article on the neuroscience of emotion, and then I have to
|browse these pages and fix that simulation... :-). Add to this normal
|stress and caffeine... ouch.

I have ingested caffeine, mainly in the form of coffee and soft drinks, since before start of recorded personal memory. A relatively short time ago I read about the caffeine withdrawal symptoms and I decided to try to experience and recognize them. I therefore ended caffeine consumption, and experienced two weeks of horror and misery. After these two weeks the mental iron curtain rised. I note much lower stress levels, and generally an increased intellectual and memory functionality. Much less information overload now.

I suggest others try the caffeine fast, to see if they can confirm the data.