Re: melissa and her daughters

Spike Jones (
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 21:07:41 -0700

Bryan Moss wrote:

> Spike Jones wrote:
> > Mostly I see Microsloth is at fault for not lifting a
> > corporate finger to secure word macros against just such a
> The following dialog appears when you try to load macros into Word 97.
> "The document you are opening contains macros or customizations. Some
> macros may contain viruses that could harm your computer. If you are
> sure this document is from a trusted source, click Enable Macros. If
> you are not sure and want to prevent any macros from running, click
> Diable Macros." The "Disable Macros" button is highlighted by default.

Its a step in the right direction Brian, but in the case of Melissa, one's

infected document *would* come from a trusted source. In my case, it was from my mother. The warning helps, but they really should ship Word with macros disabled for safety, or failing that, write some code that would check to see what a macro actually does before allowing it to modify anything on the disk or access the mail program. spike