Re: LIST: Singularitarians

Scott Badger (
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 22:47:23 -0500

> would it be possible to subscribe to the list as an observer? I'm saying
> this from the point of view that I can't think of anything valuable I
> contribute :).
> I'd like to see what people talk about, though.
> -Eric

I'd like to add that I appreciate that some specialized lists are indeed useful, and I'm not necessarily arguing against the formation of this list of Eliezer's. But, I sincerely hope that there is some way for the rest of us to at least access the archive or lurk or something (can I sign up if I promise never to post?). Seriously, I worry a bit that those who have something substantive to contribute to the singularity dialogue (me not being in that number) will not be inclined to repeat or rephrase their postings to the Extropian's list and we lose the benefit of their insights. Some may feel that the singularity is too important a topic on this list for the bulk of it to suddenly be transfered to a restricted list. By the same token, I know Eliezer wants to share some ideas with a very limited audience and I respect that. What's the solution? Comments appreciated.


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