cold comfort

Spike Jones (
Tue, 06 Apr 1999 20:00:24 -0700

joe dees wrote:

> I believe that unsuccessful suicides should get the death penalty.

Joe thanks for sharing my sense of humor on a serious subject. {8^D

> On a more serious note, my father is massively emphysemic, and on constant oxygen,

Sorry to hear of your parents having such problems. {8-( Emphysema is a special case I have always wondered about. Looks to me like if left to run its course, the contents of one's brain is erased in the last weeks of so-called life by lack of oxygen. A cryonicist would seek what may be defined as assisted suicide by the state (cryonic suspension) before one suffered a total cranial degaussing.

Now, perhaps some cryonicist can help me out on a topic that has come up before on this list, but I feel I can now add a new twist. Suppose I go in for cryonics, and 100 yrs goes by. Now my living descendants are actually demotivated to reanimate me. They have no emotional connection, they never knew me. I must figure out some way to make it profitable for those who would be burdened with my care, should I be reanimated without the essential job skills of the mid 22nd century. I still have not figured out how to squirrel away wealth in some fashion that my descendants (should I ever have any) would not rather try to inherit, after causing my accidental unsuccessful thawing. Ideas? spike