Re: Subject: Is Medicine Healthy re:MSAs

david gobel (
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 11:36:20 -0400

On 4/4/99, dave gobel wrote:
>...Has anyone done a study of health/mortality rates on those who self
>insure via MSAs (medical savings accounts) versus general health insurance?
>I would bet a ton of money that general health insurance would be shown to
>HARM health when compared with MSAs.

then Robin Hanson replied...
>Given the small population of MSA users and the recency of MSA adoption,
I'd be very suprised if any reasonable study has been done.

Seems like a good opportunity for a grant proposal...nice tight population with great economic/educational characteristics. I'm sure it's unlikely that the medical community would want to see the study done, but i'm guessing that the sponsors of the msa bill in congress would love to see it.

>Btw, the main problem with MSAs in practice is price discrimination.
The average actual hospital bill is about 1/4 of the list price charged to folks that just walk in the door. Group purchasing is essential to get a low price, but most MSA folks don't get group prices.

I actually get discounts thru my MSA and the ALLIED health group and they are INDEED very helpful.
My MSA is with Golden Rule.

By the way, in my case it is incontrovertable that the $3,500 deductable has "influenced" my medical consuption behaviour. I have lost 30 lbs, eat very little meat, sugar, or fat, have a 21% BMI fat index, very low cholesterol, reduced wrinkles, added hair reversed many pains to subclinical levels, and have become vastly more knowledgeable about how my body works biomechanically, hormonally, emotionally, genomically, and molecularly. I consider the deductable to be tuition to earn the right to live long and prosper. For two years I have had zero need to see a doctor. I am only now considering seeing a LEF vetted MD in order to get some baseline data for the long haul

dave gobel
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