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I submit this post for your perusal and deconstruction. Please remember to address your replies to the author, <afme@ihug.co.nz>, as (s)he is not subscribed here. Joe E. Dees
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Hi all,

I've worked out a three layered sandwich process, being impatient with how tardy Physics is, after some 70 years of not coming to terms with its own findings. I'd like some comments, please. No GUT is possible or feasible but a universal process, consistent at all levels is possible. Here's my trial.

Eddington wrote, in 1927 that "Henceforth the senses are no longer a reliable guide to reality"> amen to that. I took him at his word and considered whether or not the human mind can encompass it. Since the appelations for god, reality and mind are much the same, and all three are undefinable but highly usable, here goes. I assume all these three are the same, keeps it simple bud. They just appear to be different to our senses.

In terms of music or wave mechanics we can have three conditions of operation as products of a process: Harmony, cacophony and no noise at all or a standoff situation. That is: 1: waves either gel into standing waves or knots we call objects, the appearance of the material universe, or 2: fight, which produces energy from an entropy slope by way of 'opposites' or 3: nothing *apparent* happens. The standard formula of science, and myth too, posits that this works by direct, inverse and neither action or zeros out as nothing tangible or observable. In philosophical garb this can be named as 'the opposites' and their respective balances.

ie: for any local action it is, ipso facto and de jure, necessary for a counter compensating global action, if only to hold itself together as a whole. This action has to be immediate at a non material level. Thus faster than light speed is quite feasible, once and after we figure out the way. Thus science's 'action at a distance' taboo is a nonsense. From an observer's PoV, even the participant observer, this yields three levels of the action, viz

  1. a stable, material level of the action of persistent in time and space as form we call matter.
  2. an energetic level, which QT defines as the superposition of all possible states of a particle, which is unstable, therefore comes to us as energy. This one ranges between a zero and infinite state since the cosmos or reality is scale free and infinite.
  3. a non observable level, conventionally called mind, which holds and maintains the balance between the 'object" state a and the energy or verb state. It is not anything like our mind, or so it seems, as the brain is a multi resonant gimmick to tune in at any frequency around. i just don't happen to 'identify' mind with brain.

In effect, being infinite and scale free 'IT' does not know about the rules we impose and keep whole and part or local and global separated. So it can act anywhere, anyplace, anyhow with all of its *abilities* or functions anywhere. There appears to be a courtesy rule not to meddle with any ongoing local event. The relevant
alchemical saw is: the ALL is in the all and the all in the ALL.

The standoff condition appears to be a contextual limit we might call space, mind or whatever else is congenial. Of itself these 3 interactions of the whole with itself are reflected in the atomic neutron, positron and electron. What is the neutron doing there? Nothing! I doubt it. Nothing observable I'll agree with. Despite the chaotic melee of many particle states they keep on coming back to 3 items on their menu. For a somewhat weirder metaphoric representation it either spirals in upon itself untill it appears to tie itself into a knot or/and spirals outwards and, it seems, keeps itself in touch with itself all the way. That is, it performs a both "OR' and "AND" at a 'same time'. The Pa Kua Yin Yang models this exquisitely well, especially so when imagined as a flow between whole and part.

In connection with this the mind/body system keeps itself internally consistent, externally uses condition 2 or works as an anomaly detector by way of feelings and senses, and yet manages to keep itself whole. For another one it is also found patterned in our sentence pattern as noun and verb made reflexive, transitive and intransitive, which last condition is how most "minds" keep themselves stable. By Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle we should not be able to gel nouns and verbs into 'scenic' patterns but we do. By reflection of Godel's proof we should not be able to test our suppositions, but, nevertheless, as Galileo said: Eppur si muove. It ain't exackly waves but some of us need forms to think with, we do. For it to be universal it has to be universal or "everywhere the same" in its ways, not products.

Howzat? Adrian