re:reversing atherosclerosis

david gobel (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 14:49:58 -0400

Michael Butler wrote:


> Does anyone here know any techniques, diets or medical regimens which can
> reduce accumulated arterial plaque in humans? Not rate of further
> accumulation...

Please see medline under keywords Nicotinic AND acid...i take appx 250mg daily (niacin flush doesn't bother me)

also see 1985 study in re 5000 people who had already had severe cardiac illnesses taking aloe vera therafter with zero 5 year mortality rate

also see "fasting and eating for health" Dr. Joel Fuhrman MD

also see "the anti-aging diet" Roy Wolford MD Phd

all of the above can do what you ask...I have followed these for 3 years...had cholesterol of 220 when starting - now below 110 if I recall correctly (...i've run out of Ginko ;-) In any case, my cholesterol is VERY low.

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