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Mon, 5 Apr 1999 10:34:48 -0700

Hello, Extropians :

I'm new to the list.

In reviewing some of the recent discussions, I thought you all might be interested in the Santa Fe Chaos Conference - brief info attached.

Jim Pinto

7th Annual Chaos in Manufacturing Conference

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Seven years ago, industry visionary Richard Morley and a handful of forward
thinkers came together at the first Chaos in Manufacturing Conference. Today, the conference remains the premier event to examine the theory and
practice of extending the new paradigms to the manufacturing and process organizations. Held near the prestigious Santa Fe Institute, the conference presents a unique opportunity to interact with the leaders in the field in an intimate setting. These and other luminaries from the manufacturing and process control world will present cutting edge
seminars and workshops on the science of complexity, providing attendees with new concepts, and an understanding of tools and techniques that will
provide them and their companies with an unfair advantage to start the next

Through lectures, workshops, and informal discussion groups, the seminar will provide attendees with insights to increase their competitive position
and to foster career growth. Participants will join a community of equally
forward thinking men and women in a relaxed New Mexico setting. The conference is
cross-discipline, drawing on work that is being done in other fields, allowing attendees, through intellectual stimulation and interaction, to extract lessons that can be applied to their particular situations.

The annual Santa Fe Chaos in Manufacturing Conference is presented by R. Morley Incorporated (RMI), a global leader in the application of complexity
science in engineering and manufacturing. Dick Morley, president of RMI, revolutionized the manufacturing world in 1968 with his
invention of the programmable logic controller and continues as a visionary
in the fields of manufacturing, engineering, and computer design to this day.

If you are interested, please contact Amanda at (603)878-4365. or

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