Nanotech has gone mainstream

Chris Fedeli (
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 08:51:11 -0400

Peter McCluskey wrote:

> He [Drexler] thumbs his nose at traditional ways of financing basic
scientific research.
> He predicts that nanotech is important enough to make the research that
>the average scientist is engaged in insignificant, so people who don't
>substantially adopt his viewpoint as a guide for what to research often
>see his vision as a threat to their prestige or funding.

That makes sense. Too many prima donnas in the scientific establishment; they would rather try unsucsessfully to blaze their own paths to glory then latch on to another scientist's programme.

This also explains why the Japanese have focused so much more effectively on nanotech than us. Their willingness to line up behind a visionary leader, especially a foreign luminary, has paid dividends for them in the past (remember
Demming?). I'll put my long term money with Nippon Nano.