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You are breaking the law. Please stop bothering me.

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>Subject: Now You Can Sell a Product For $100-$500 and Pay Only $1 For The
>Date: Sat, Apr 3, 1999, 2:30 PM

> Now You Can Sell a Product For $100-$500 and Pay Only $1 For The Product!
> As You Can See With These Kinds of Profits, Your Income Potential Is
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> All entrepreneurs want to either start or grow a successful home-based
> business of their own. Problem? Capital. It costs money to start a
> business.
> Before, home-based businesses were used to "make money on the side"
> while still climbing the corporate ladder. But now, people are actually
> working jobs *Only* to Make Money to start or grow their home-based
> business.
> Once the business takes off, they take off from their job.
> This all leads up to why we're emailing you in the first place. We
> know you've been looking for opportunities. We have come across an
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> You will see the shift from 'moonlighting' to 'daylighting' when you
> check out the company.
> The product offered is both unique and original: it's custom ceiling
> murals that glow brilliantly in the dark!
> It's an accurate three dimensional painting of the night sky
> -- invisible during the day... but at night when the lights are off it
> looks as though the ceiling has been removed and thousands of stars are
> above you.
> You'll see shooting stars, the majestic Milky Way galaxy and
> constellations like the Big Dipper and Pegasus, The Princess Andromeda and
> others. Planets like Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and even the Moon!
> As you're looking up, you'll notice your stress disappearing. It's
> like having a 'convertible ceiling'! ... an incredible three dimensional
> vista that you have to see to appreciate.
> It's relaxing, stress relieving, romantic and educational for adults
> and children -- at home or in hotels and motels (imagine you're driving
> down the road looking for a motel and you see a sign that says "relax
> under the stars" -- wouldn't you pull in?) Obviously your customers
> are everyone with a bedroom at home plus all the hotels, motels, bed&
> breakfasts, resorts, etc., -- everywhere.
> I know you want to hear about How You Make Money. Here it is!
> Your product cost per room is only $1. You get $100 to $500 per room!
> And with the companies' secret methods, you'll easily create the
> amazing mural in about one hour! The perfect part-time or full-time
> money making opportunity for you. Why wish for the moon when you can
> have the stars?
> This business most likely has no competition. You can start it for pennies.
> Your customers are both consumers and businesses (it's currently found
> even in high-class 5-star hotels)!
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