META: Knowledge Sharing

Nanotek Acheros (
Fri, 02 Apr 1999 09:12:16 PST

Anders Sandberg raised a great point. We need to share our knowledge. If someone asks a sincere question then it should be answered, either on or off list. The kind of hostility that Michael Lorrey showed is not what transhumanism is about or the way most people on this list act.

Contrasting Michael Lorrey with the regular Extropian list member is in order. Reviewing Michael's post for the last few months I noticed he never asked a question. I also noticed he has an opinion on basically everything. Finally, I noticed that he should ask more questions because much of what he has posted is little more than polemic or rhetoric. There is plenty of that type of 'discussion' in the newsgroups. Let us keep it there.

Now, let us get back to sharing knowledge.

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