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joe dees wrote:

> My mistake - I was referring to the type of rockets whose use was pioneered by the Nazis in their bombardment of London, and which now can carry nukes trans-globally, and, mistakenly it appears, depending upon the intelligence of my interlocuters to infer this from their pairing with nukes in the phrase "rockets and nukes." Wouldja like everyone to own a personal battery of THOSE, O Rabid One?

How about a battery of cannon that have a range of 3 miles? That was the maximum range of the largest shore guns available at that point in time, which is why international waters did not begin until the 3 mile point from shore.

There were a number of primitive chemical and biological weapons available at the time, but were not used by honorable gentlemen.

Prior to the revolution, one privateer with a ship or two could hold an entire port hostage and shell it to ruins.

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