Mars: Go now, or wait?

Spike Jones (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 22:58:25 -0800

Gina Miller wrote:

> You are aware that there are plans for Mars colonization already in the
> works arn't you? Have you made them any purposals?

I have. I proposed the single legless female astronaut notion, but they may

have assumed I was joking. I wasnt. They are focussed on the flags-and- footprints scenario, and they dont want those footprints to be in the form of knuckles-buns-knuckles-buns...

>Would a bigger car have helped? (Very extropian)

> No more puns on bigger cars please.

There was no humor intended in the post, this being very inappropriate in dealing with injury and death. Very sorry to hear of your accident, glad you survived Gina. So sorry to hear about your friend. I lost my grandfather the same way. A bigger car would have saved him.

> >I did not mean to imply that this girl I spoke of does not
> >love life as much as you and I do. She does, I can assure you.
> We must remember everyone is of value, even if they lack something we
> have.

Yes. She has something *I* lack.

>From another post: The arguments about men are better at this, women
are better at that are all beside the point: women have a corner on the market when it comes to reproduction. The best Mars colonist will be a Mars native.

> Have you considered any genetic or cloning alternatives to your
> medically crude ideas?

Yes. I dont see the advantages of cloning, but genetic engineering might be used to make a smaller astronaut. But this brings up a point that is contained in some other posts as well, but I will put here:

  1. Who believes we should wait for nanotech to start a Mars colony?
  2. Who believes we should wait for bio-suspension?
  3. Who believes the point is to *have* an exocolony before these other things come online?
  4. Who believes we have the technology now and should start now, even if it requires great discomfort and sacrifice on the part of the first colonist(s)?

Im a no-no-yes-yes to these 4 questions. spike