Re: Age and violence stats

Gerhard Kessell-Haak (
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 14:46:10 +1200

>To establish the relationship between age and violence, one would need
>to eliminate other age-related factors.

Absolutely agree ...

> I believe that wealth increases with age. I believe that a lack of money
>is the leading cause of violence. Persons with money resort to
>violence less often to obtain what they need or desire.
>Before promoting advanced age as a PR point, consider the negative PR
>that advanced age may bring to mind.

I also agree that it is probable that persons with money resort to violence
less often, as there is no material need. But you have to be careful about
what one defines as a 'leading cause'. For example, the large male
population could be seen as the leading cause of violence.

As a bit of anecdotal evidence for the connection between age and
violent crime, I am acquainted with a number of men who committed
violent crimes in their youth. Ten years later, despite being monetarily no
better off today, they admit to having 'slowed down' and wouldn't
consider performing the acts today.