Re: Creationists

davelook (
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 16:47:44 -0400

>> >Considering that Venus is slightly smaller than Earth, yet has a much
>> denser
>> >atmosphere (most likely due to its lack of a moon the size of our own),
>> Is it be concievable that we don't know everything there is to know
>> about
>> gravity? Maybe gravity isn't dependent on the density/size of planet, but
>> some other variable we have yet to discover.
>> P.S. Is there a quick description of what the moon has to do with the
>> denseness of our atmosphere? Just curious.
>You would think that since Venus is slightly smaller, slightly less dense,
and a
>lot hotter than Earth, that its atmosphere would have boiled off quite a
>ago, yet its atmosphere is much denser and hotter than our own. Even
>moon Titan has an atmophere denser than our own, though it is slightly
>yet Titan is not much bigger than our own moon. There is a distinct
>between atmospheric density and tidal influence. Compared to its surface
>gravity, Earth has the highest level of tidal influence, yet
proportionately the
>lowest atmospheric density of all bodies in the entire solar system. This
>be an accident.
> Michael Lorrey

You seem to be saying that the more "tidal influence" a body has, the
rarer its atmosphere will be. Is that correct?

Dave L.