Re: organization of internet material

Bryan Moss (
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 17:27:54 +0100

Michael Nielsen wrote:

> Generically, I'm finding personal homepages a
> tremendously useful source of links. Search
> engines are useful, but they rely almost
> completely on my intelligence. With other
> people's homepages, I get access to a
> distilled form of their intelligence.

An idea of mine that's been floating around for a
while: remote bookmarks. NS Communicator 4.5 will
do one side of it with "Smart Browsing"
Smart Browsing gives the user a list of related
webpages taken from a central server. I'd like to
see a way the end user can add to a database of
remote bookmarks. This could be done with a small
plug-in - click the "remote bookmark" button and
you're asked for a brief description, and category
choice of the current page. If we started a
server for transhuman topics we could use logins
to keep a check on any unwanted abuse of the
system. I have no experience with plug-ins but I
wouldn't imagine this to be a hard task.