Cryonics Survey

Scott Badger (
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 12:35:06 -0500

Help! I've recently developed a web-based survey (multi-page) designed to
assess the general public's familiarity with and attitudes toward the idea
of Cryonics, and I need help writing the CGI script to process the input
data and create a database which could be imported into SPSS or some other
statistical program. I've visited several sites that discuss these scripts
and if it was a simpler form, I'd keep at it but I just don't have the
skills and really don't have the time to learn PERL. If you're familiar
with CGI and could volunteer the hour or so it would proably take to make
this survey interactive, the cryonics community and I would be appreciative.
If you can help, please e-mail me directly. I'd also appreciate any ideas
from others on this list regarding how I might get maximum exposure for this
survey with minimum expense.

Once it's on-line and interactive, I'll give out the address and request
feedback from y'all.


Scott Badger