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Jim Barnebee (
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 08:24:51 PDT

den-Otter Wrote:

>For several reasons, starting your own nation would be the best
>option if you want real change real quick (before the singularity).
>Otherwise, prepare for sometimes decades-long struggles for
>usually very modest changes.
A lovely idea. The problem becomes one of sovereignty. Any nation
that you are offshore of (even in international waters) will want to
impose it's form of government on you as soon as you build something
worth owning, taxing, etc. And, if you have the conventional weaponry to
defend yourself against such a power, then the power in question's best
interest lies in destroying what you are attempting to create in the
building stages. The only real hope I can see for this type of endeavor
lies in the fact that most governments are extremely ignorant. One 15
year old with an outmoded commodore and a good brain can do more damage
to civilian and military infrastructure in most countries than an atomic
bomb. Maintaining strict neutrality, and reciprocal trade and travel
agreements probably wouldn't hurt either.

>Yes, it's such a shame that all these people are at the brink
>of enlightenment, but for some reason don't make the final step.

I agree. 5% think, 5% think they think, and 90% wouldn't think if you
sat them down and forced them to. If you look at it from a memetical
point of view, the society creates conditions where hypocrisy, laziness,
and stupidity are rewarded, and honesty, diligence, and intelligence are
punished. Fortunately, the empowerment of the information age is
changing this equation. (Just not quickly enough for us
elitist-egalitarians) One of the major shifts I see is from a bias
toward power-over ( Conquistadors, Hierarchal systems) to one of
power-with (Unions, guilds, mentors, free information). When Nanotech
gets here full bore, the lack of scarcity of natural resources should
complete this process, provided the society can be set up to revere
self-actualization instead of control over, and cruelty towards, others.

>Transhumanism linked to a practical (based on facts) socio-political
>worldview would be unbeatable, the best ideology ever.

It's not necessarily Transhumanism (from a technological
standpoint). Its any non-Hierarchal system of thought and belief that
allows a placement of the concept of the "collective good" to be
socialized in an honest, real way will suffice. I know Pagans, and
Wiccans, and Druids, and Taoists, and Buddhists, Confuscists, et. all,
who all feel the same way. It's a matter not of ideology, but of
perception. Given a lack of scarcity of natural resources, it doesn't
even have to be practical.

>For example,
>wealth and power are extremely important to reach "higher" goals,
>or even to simply survive the coming changes, so let's stop treating
>them as "dirty" words. The meek shall inherit the earth (if they're
>lucky) - the bold everything else.
But power and wealth aren't what they used to be. Who has more
power, in an ideological, world-shaping way- Mahatma Gandhi, or Pol Pot?
Who has more money, the team that designed Oak (now Java), or Bill
Gates? Power-with, when correctly applied returns many times over to the
wielder. Power-over is dissipated, since it is a non-cyclical system. To
be bold is good, and wonderful. Use that ability to make others bold.

"The future has arrived; it's just not evenly distributed."
-William Gibson

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