Re: New Utopia

den Otter (
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 08:55:47 +0200

Boris Goldshmit wrote:

<<Here we go again... Nation, as it exists now is absolutely not
necessary for successful establishment of a transhuman social entity!!!
It is amazing to hear ideas and voices arguing future organization and
order of human kind in the context of social structures which will
eventually become archaic just like tribes and hunting-gathering groups
of primitive ages>>

*Eventually* yes, but not before the singularity, which is at least a
couple of decades away. For the time being, the world remains to be
devided among these "archaic" groups called nation states, and the only
way to have a reasonably free lifestyle is to have your piece of
territory. The bureaucratic structures are anything but dead, and
ignoring their silly rules while on their turf will surely get you into
trouble (try not to pay taxes, for example).