Re: Voluntary End of Privacy ?

Michelle Jones (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 23:20:07 -0700

> << it should motivate us to insure
> that our government does not become corrupt or overly powerful. >>
> >Welcome Michelle, if you are indeed new to the list. ( I don't recall seeing
> >your posts before a few days ago).

thank you. it spike, and ive been and exi member and posting for a couple

> >And excuse my cynicism, but, regarding the above, ...umm.. too late?

it is difficult for me to explain where i am going with this thread. my
fault.the notion is that as governments get more technology that makes it easier

for that government to oppress its people, these same people compensate
by voting more libertarian, perhaps as a result of a healthy fear of misuse
of the technology by the government. circular reasoning?

we have seen some post the notion that we should eschew the technology that
takes away privacy. i suggest we develop the technology and eschew the
government control. we can do it! spike