Re: New Utopia

Anders Sandberg (
29 Jun 1998 16:53:47 +0200

Max M <> writes:

> Anders Sandberg wrote:
> > To sum up: I want to live in Oceania/New Utopia/Stateless too, but we
> > need more than a loophole in UN regulations to do it. It might be
> > better to start with thinking of how to create transhumanist
> > companies.
> Well you can get most of the way there by making a lot of money, and
> building a wall against society that is made out of lawyers and
> accountants. ;-)

Exactly. If I had to choose between buying guns or layers for my
personal nation, I would go for the lawyers. After all, the goal is to
participate in the world system, not to sit like an hedgehog on top of
a small rock shooting at anybody passing by and threatening the world
with homemade weapons of mass destruction if it objects.

> Wealth will probably always be the only real form of freedom.

Well, I don't buy that completely (pun unintended), but you have a
point. True freedom consists in the ability of make choices for
yourself, and wealth is a great tool to make these choices
practical. It is more easy to live a transhuman life if you are
financially independent and have flexible investments that don't hold
you back, but the most important thing is to be able to think freely
in the first place (a frightening number of people don't allow
themselves that freedom).

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