Re: The End of Privacy ?
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 02:48:33 EDT

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Given smart card technology, this too will become possible. I happen to know
of the pioneers in this technology, he founded Automated Payment Systems,
Inc., in
Seattle. The systems they sold were primarily for use in parking and
system payments, but the technology is easily transferrable to everyday use
all financial transactions, and in its present form can be used for tracking
people through public spaces. These cards have a chip in them, and a small
transmitter. Unlike some other systems that you need to swipe your card
these cards have a range of several feet, such that you could have your
card in your wallet, drive through the turnstile, and be charged without ever
taking out your wallet. This technology will be easily usable for tracking
the wide installation of sensors that can interface with this card. Not only
could such technology be used for tracking you, but if you are deemed a
threat to
public safety, the powers that be could easily seize the financial assets in
card's chip, making you helpless and easily picked up...>>

Matter of fact they're using something in NY State right now called EZ Pass.
You just drive right through the tolls. But a card with a magnetic strip,
which is what we're talking about, just doesn't do that.