Re: The End of Privacy ?..
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 02:11:25 EDT

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<< I think all Clinton's assets should be foreited up front. According to
several reports, it seems that his money was earned primarily by abusing
government power. Starr should just seize all his assets and leave it up to
Clinton to see if he can get them back! That ought to get some attention to
the Civil Forfeiture tyranny in which we live! >>

In a word. Yikes!!
guilty huh?..until he proves himself innocent?.. In that case, you and me and
Michael and just about anyone else you ever heard of is a goner...
I think the guy is a liar, and probably a criminal. I sure as hell hope nobody
strings him up on an opinion!
I think I'd be more afraid to live in your State than this one....