Re: The End of Privacy ?
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 01:56:00 EDT

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<< Leaving aside Mr. Starr's politics, his rudeness, boorishness, or what have
that he is merely trying to ascertain the truth or falsity of two sworn court
affadavits, which are in direct contradiction to the taped conversations of
of those swearants, and contradictory to the established pattern of behavior
the other swearant, seems to be completely ignored by all who see benefit in
ignoring justice, honesty, and integrity in our elected public officials >>

Michael, I understand the importance of that aspect. Truly. But the methods
use to discover the truth in the matter frighten me and I feel they ought to
concern anyone who values their privacy and freedom, as I know you do.
Starr has gone way past the bounds of diligent public service and has asked
for the ability to get his information using seemingly any methods available,
regardless of the legality or ethicity. ( not sure that is a word, but I think
you know what I mean.)

For the record, I voted for Clinton, but have been consistently disappointed
in him.
I not a fan nor a defender of the man. If he's broken the law, I hope he is
caught and punished. I simply disagree with the means being used to find out
if he has or not.

Starr seems the sort that would have felt right at home in Torquemadas' little
No doubt feeling righteous and right the whole time. The man makes me sick.