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Michael Lorrey (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 01:37:04 -0400

Boris Goldshmit wrote:

> Excellent Point! It is absolutely not necessary to create a new and
> independent country in order to purse goals of transhumanism
> or any other ideological, political, or religious movement. The idea
> is just a nostalgic appeal to the disappearing age of state dominated
> social and political world order. A more contemporary organization
> which can easily transcend state lines and provide environment and
> infrastructure will serve muchmore effectively to further the cause without
> unnecessary overhead usually associated with a creation of a new
> Utopian state (We still have to see one). A corporation is one of the
> many options. What is nexi? Sorry, I am a newbie...

I may have an idea on how an extropian nation could be wrangled into existence
with minimal difficulty. I see it as a political parallel of the common
business practice of buying a shell corporation. In business, there are many
companies which have listings on Stock Exchanges, but no longer operate any
business. The easiest way for a start up company to get listed on a major stock
exchange is to buy one of these shell corporations.

How I would apply this to the political transaction of creating an extropian
state easily is going to involve a bit of environmental science here. I was
watching a program on the Discovery Channel about the West Antarctic Ice Sheet,
and how it is expected to collapse some time in the near future (20-200 years)
due to global warming, or some other unknown cause. When this ice sheet
collapses (they say when, not if), it is expected that sea levels will rise
several tens of meters, which will be enough to flood many existing island
nations around the world. As many of these nations will not want to give up
their national sovereignty, even though they are then no longer dry land, I
expect that the UN will make some special exemption to the 'dry land' clause to
preserve these nations. I also expect that at least one, if not more of these
nations, will simply be abandoned by nations which cannot afford to build sea
platforms. This is where we can step in, buying the country out. We could even
plan ahead on this and work out an agreement with some island nations ahead of
time that we would get the capital to build sea structures in return for

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