Re: New Utopia

den Otter (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 02:06:38 +0200

Anders Sandberg wrote:

> What form the community might have is interesting. Right now we have
> the extropian nexi, and one could imagine something like an
> employee-owned transhumanist corporation that grows out from it. If we
> can create transhuman communities that have not just social but also
> economical potential I think we will be on to something.

You can start with a practical mission statement (autonomy, wealth
and [thus] a good starting position for the coming singularity, for
example). A transhuman "order", or mutual aid group. Extropy Institute
is certainly on the right path, but still lacks the clear goal that's
needed to focus your effort, and to actually achieve something
tangible. If you want to promote a philosophy, what better way is
there then by successful living?

> To sum up: I want to live in Oceania/New Utopia/Stateless too, but we
> need more than a loophole in UN regulations to do it. It might be
> better to start with thinking of how to create transhumanist
> companies.

Yes, companies are necessary for the start-up capital (money is
"the great problem solver"). Any suggestions (personally, I
still think the watch's a good idea ;-)