Re: Voluntary End of Privacy ?

Michael Lorrey (
Sun, 28 Jun 1998 18:32:24 -0400

Michelle Jones wrote:

> > >As we develop more and more powerful technologies which are more and more
> > >efficient in their potential to be used to interfere or restrain the
> > >individual's rights, the threat of government overreaching becomes even more
> > >amplified, and by neccessity, will force the body of individuals to elect to
> > >discontinue that outmoded practice.
> do you mean to discontinue the outmoded practice of using privacy-violating
> technology? do we then develop communications technology that is
> encoded for privacy? ok, i see, but i am still interested in the notion
> of hiding in plain sight. i want to go ahead and offer the government
> the ability to track me down with little or no effort, then downsize the
> government to compensate for this convenience i am handing over
> to it.

No, I mean to discontinue using that outmoded organisational method, the

> in fact, i want to become the government in a sense. i have no
> desire to control anyone. i want to *create* something that would
> cause people to come to me or us, voluntarily, to join, to plug in
> to the superorganism and evolve to the next plateau... spike

As individuals become as powerful as 20th century national governments, it becomes
silly to allow national governments to continue to repress self government of the

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