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Sun, 28 Jun 98 20:58 BST-1

Well, first of all there's the problem of the 200 mile economic zones
_everywhere_, which are an assertion of State sovereignty and

Your next problem is that your State is probably ahead of you already
-- it will assert that _you_, as a subject of its sovereignty, carry
its sovereignty to any new territory you discover or create. You're a
US citizen? Bingo! You've just helped Uncle Sam to a bigger slice of
the world's surface area.

You want to relinquish your nationality? Chances are your State won't
_let_ you, except if you're taking up another nationality. It's
actually quite hard to acquire 'stateless' status. What will you use
for travel documents?

Then there's the Floating OPEC -- the UN Law of the Sea Treaty...

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Still, let's suppose that you (and all of your associates, who will
include a secret agent or two, natch!) manage to create Terra Novo. To
every State on Earth, this is Terra Nullius -- it has no recognized
standing in the International bodies (including the International
Court). How do you propose to enforce your own claim to sovereignty?

If you're attacked by pirates or marauders (perhaps State agents in
disguise -- Major-General Ed Lansdale used to dress up Phillipine
troops as HUK insurgents and send them off to attack Phillipine
villages, so that the terrified villagers would promptly seek
government 'protection'...), how do you propose to defend yourself
militarily? If your little kingdom becomes militarily powerful, it
becomes veeery attractive to all sorts of other vastly powerful
para-statal folk (drug-lords, arms traffickers etc). How ya gonna keep
'em out...

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There's a fine novel by Eugene Vale (author of the magnificent --
indeed unmissable -- novel 'The Thirteenth Apostle') published around
1964 -- "Chaos Under Heaven" -- which delineates beautifully an
idealistic attempt to set up precisely such an anarchist "New Utopia."

And its problems...

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