Re: The End of Privacy ?

Michelle Jones (
Sun, 28 Jun 1998 11:44:24 -0700

> >The worst rise to the top in government.

so the worst shall be replaced by the best in government, ifthe best make it

> >Expect those on
> >top to misuse smart card info in every imaginable way against
> >their perceived enemies.

this time *we* are on top. if extropians show that privacy violating
technologies can be used to strengthen individuals by linking
intelligences into a superorganism, then that superorganism
*becomes* the government.

> >A card without which you won't be
> >able to drive, fly, make purchases, etc etc etc.

solution: get a card. drive, fly and make purchases. drivethe technology,
fly to the upper limits of transhumankind, and
purchase for yourself and your children the very best life has to offer.
i choose to not misuse smart cards and related technology,
but rather explore all the possibilites. spike