Re: New Utopia

Randy Smith (
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 17:40:24 GMT

Apparently the founders of New Utopia are of the opinion that 100
miles from the nearest country is the pertinent distance.
Appended belwo is a letter taken from the New Utopia website that is
addressed to the UN:

<Picture: Principality of New Utopia>

A Letter To
The Secretary General
Of The United Nations
Concerning NEW UTOPIA


Mr. Kofi Annan
Secretary General
United Nations
New York, NY 10017

June 9, 1997

Dear Mr. Secretary,

Please consider this letter a formal request to begin the process of
application for The Principality of New Utopia to join The United
Nations. New Utopia, a constitutional monarchy, has existed since
September of 1996, and has 314 citizens at this time, but we look
forward to having many more join us in the very near future.

New Utopia is a new country in the Caribbean. It is comprised of three
submerged islands on which will be constructed large platforms forming
a base upon which to build the newest most beautiful city/state in the

We claim as our national territory the area of the Caribbean bound on
the north by 19 degrees 15 minutes North Latitude (19.25 degrees North
Lat.), the southern boundary located at 18 degrees 15 minutes North
Latitude (18.25 degrees North Lat.). The eastern boundary being 83
degrees 30 minutes West Longitude (83.5 degrees West Long.) and the
western boundary at 84 degrees 30 minutes West Longitude (84.5 degrees

Our new country is not within 100 miles of any other nation's
boundaries, therefore we beg the United Nations for their support and
protection, while we are in the crucial development and construction
phase of our new country, which is to begin in April 1998.

We have studied the Convention on the Law of the Sea as of 16 November
1994; the Rio Declaration, and Agenda 21, all of which are in keeping
with the philosophies and Constitution of New Utopia.

We pledge to support and assist in every way possible the United
Nations and all other member nations.


Richard Stephen Balch
Secretary of State