Re: The End of Privacy ?

Michael Lorrey (
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 12:51:19 -0400

ChuckKuecker wrote:

> 'Special prosecutor' always reminds me of the Inquisition, somehow. I
> keep expecting the appearance of 'instruments' to get the subjects
> into the proper frame of mind at any moment.
> Such practices as grand juries and congressional inquiries, that
> operate outside of the normal bounds of the legal system as regards
> self incrimination and jailing persons who refuse to testify are
> inmimical to liberty. If someone has not been accused of actively
> breaking a law, and has not been convicted of same, should not be put
> in prison for arbitrary periods just because they decline to answer
> questions.
> Freedom of speech implies the freedom to NOT speak, I believe..

Yes it does, and all the two objects of this investigation have to do is plead
their right to not speak under the Fifth Amendment. That they have not done
this, and have testified that nothing happened, then gone on to be taped by
people saying it did happen and urging people to lie about it is what this
investigation is about. Clinton knows that if he does plead the Fifth , that his
administration is over, which is why liberals have their skirts all up in a
bunch about this, and exposing their own hipocracy...

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