Re: The End of Privacy ?

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Sat, 27 Jun 1998 12:44:50 -0400 wrote:

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> << but these records are subpoenaed regularly during
> inverstigations, see what they are doing to Monica Lewinski's book
> purchasing records. >>
> Honestly, this sort of thing ought to seriously worry anyone who values their
> privacy. Regardless of what you think of Clinton or Lewinsky or any of the
> other people in this mess, it seems to me that any tax-payer ought to be, at
> the very least, annoyed at the cost of Mr. Starrs investigation into weather
> or not two consenting adults engaged in any sexual act.
> The man is a menace.

Leaving aside Mr. Starr's politics, his rudeness, boorishness, or what have you,
that he is merely trying to ascertain the truth or falsity of two sworn court
affadavits, which are in direct contradiction to the taped conversations of one
of those swearants, and contradictory to the established pattern of behavior of
the other swearant, seems to be completely ignored by all who see benefit in
ignoring justice, honesty, and integrity in our elected public officials.

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